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Overall 2009 was a disappointing period for Bollywood. As what Ak_India mentioned in his DP that only 8% of films succeeded in this year which is very shocking. Many films got a nice opening and were well received by audiences as well as critics. Still, the films were hailed as Flop or Average due to their high costs. And that was one of the biggest reasons behind the debacle of many films. Films like Billu, Delhi-6, Kambakkht Ishq, Kaminey, Wake Up Sid, All The Best, London Dreams, De Dana Dan etc could had been super hits were they not produced and sold for such high prices. The problem of sky-high costs was accelerated by the wrong release time. Due to the producer-multiplex feud, no movies were released in the lucrative April and May period. As a result, as soon as strike ended, films after films started pouring every Friday. Obviously, common man cannot be expected to watch all films that release and thus, many films failed or did low business. For instance, All The Best could had been successful if it had not released with Blue. Aladin would have fared better had it not clashed with London Dreams. Jail would have got lots of audience if it had not released with the super hit Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete solution for the 2nd problem. Due to the strike, there is still a huge backlog that needs to be cleared and hence, in 2010 too, one might find multiple releases on lots of Fridays. But the cost of the film can definitely be cut down and the best solution is that the actors slash their prices. Why do superstars like Akshay Kumar charge 20+ crores? And why do producers agree to pay them? Biggie actors should not be given more than 8 or 9 crores. And if this upsets them, then they should be paid more but only if their film succeeds at the box office. This kind of arrangement would benefit all. Movies that are made for 40-50 crores at present would be finished in less than 30 crores. Thus, such film will have high chances of recovering their costs too.

Sadly, no one is thinking of enforcing such an alternative. And as the chapter of 2009 closes, we could see multiple releases even in the last week. Today (i.e. last day of 2009), 3 small films are slated to release-Raat Gayi Baat Gayi (RGBG), Accident On Hill Road (AOHR) and Bolo Raam (BR). It is obvious that all 3 of these films are going to flop. If only one film had hit the screens today, it would have chances of profiting. But no film will profit in this rat race. Not to forget, the 3 Idiots craze is still going on. Hence, all these films have dug their own graves by releasing today. RGBG looks like a complete entertainer; AOHR may work if it has a well-written climax. BR may be hard hitting but it will surely have lowest collections. When will these people learn?

The following are the films that have big stars and have highest chances of succeeding at the box office. 2 of them are listed below and the rest will be discussed next week [lack of space 😦 ]:

MY NAME IS KHAN: A winner for sure! Although the film looks serious, it has managed to arouse curiosity. And anyways, the name of Shah Rukh Khan is enough to make almost everyone sit up and take notice. Kajol being paired opp SRK is like an icing on the cake. Also it has talented actors like Jimmy Shergill which, I don’t think, will be revealed in promos till the flick releases on Feb 12. The first look of the film made people assume that it’s based on terrorism. However, it’s not! To quote SRK, “It’s a love story with an epic feel(Bombay Times). MNIK is thus expected to work not only in India but overseas too.

RAAVAN/RAVANA: Mark my words; this one would rock big big time! Unfortunately, when Bolly websites are discussing 2010 biggies, they aren’t mentioning this flick. There are many reasons as to why this film is special. Firstly, it is directed by talented-creative Mani Ratnam who never goes wrong. Secondly, it’s a present day version of Ramayana. And thirdly and the best part, the star cast and the characters that they play are just out of this world! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan plays Sita but Abhishek Bachchan isnt playing Rama! Instead, he’s Raavan in the film, i.e. the villain! Southern actor Vikram is Rama! Guess who plays Hanuman? None other than apna Govinda! Just imagine-Govinda in Mani’s film! Cool isnt it? Nikhil Dwivedi and Southern beauty Priyamani completes the main cast. The film is bi-lingual-it was shot in Tamil too but with slight change of cast. Vikram who plays Rama in Hindi version is Raavan in the Tamil version (hats off!). Prithviraj Sukumaran instead is Rama in Tamil version! Aishwariya Rai is acting in both the versions! The film is expected to release in May. Make sure you don’t miss it at any cost!



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After going through several unpredictable but similar events, Mani Ratnam’s Raavana and Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti may be released in the same month i.e. in May 2010

By Meena Iyer (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 25, 2009)


Mani Ratnam’s Raavana, which is an adaptation of the Ramayana and Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti that is based on the Mahabharata, will release between two weeks of each other.

Initially, both the films were expected to hit the theatres in February 2010. But, due to the multiplex owners strike and a complex melee of other things the two epic films have been pushed to May 2010.

Trade circles are excited as the contemporary versions of the most followed Indian mythological tales will be pitted against one another. Raavana is very important for Aishwarya, who is playing Sita. So is Rajneeti for Katrina. An actor from the unit said, “Rajneeti is a very taut confrontation drama which will showcase Katrina in new light.”


The two films have had their fair share of controversies. Nana Patekar walked out of Rajneeti three days before the film’s shooting came to an end, whereas, Bipasha Basu had to exit Raavana hours before the shoot.

Floods ravaged the sets of Raavana; and Manoj Bajpai’s accident put a small spoke in Rajneeti’s progress. And yet when it comes to the release, both films are expected to release around the same time.

Bipasha Basu to play Mandodari, wife of Ravana, played by Abhishek Bachchan in Mani Ratnam’s Raavana
By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; September 09, 2009)

Bipasha Basu

When Mani Ratnam started shooting for his Aishwarya Rai-Abhishek Bachchan starrer Raavana, everyone had been wondering if Abhishek’s real-life wife Aishwarya plays his wife in the film too. Soon news that Abhishek plays Raavana while Aishwarya plays Sita and Vikram plays her husband Rama in the film came to light. Mani had been looking for an actress who would be perfectly suited to play Ravana’s wife, Mandodari. The suspense is now over. Bipasha Basu has been signed on to play Mandodari, who was Ravana’s favourite wife.

A source from the industry says, “Bipasha immediately said yes to the role. She had agreed to do it a month ago but Mani Ratnam had given her strict instructions to not talk about it.”

“Bipasha’s costumes are ready. She is very happy with her look in the film. She is looking forward to joining the unit of Raavana,” adds our source.

Bipasha starts shooting for Raavana from mid-September. Confirming the same, a close friend of Bipasha says, “Bipasha not only has an item number in the film but also a full-fledged role, which can be termed as a special appearance. Right now, she is shooting for Priyadarashan’s film with Akshaye Khanna and Ajay Devgan. She will be shooting for 20 days for Raavana in which she has a 40-minute role.”

Earlier, Sushmita Sen was offered the role but she had turned it down for reasons best known to her. Buzz is, she didn’t want to do a film which stars her arch-rival Aishwarya.

About Mandodari

Abhishek Bachchan

Although Ravana married several times, Mandodari, who was his Queen Consort, always remained his favourite. Mandodari too loved Ravana very much. She always wished well for him and tried to keep him on the right path. She always protested humbly to his misdeeds. When Ravana abducted Sita, Mandodari gently tried to convince him that he should not lock horns with Rama and let Sita go back to her husband. Instead of reprimanding her, Ravana used to laugh whenever she insisted that he should behave righteously. It is believed that Mandodari had invented chess.

ROLE PLAY: Priya Mani
Rumour has it that Raavana writers missed out Shoorpankha’s character in the first draft, but now Priya Mani has been finalised for the role

MEENA IYER (BOMBAY TIMES; August 31, 2009)

There are two theories doing the rounds. One is that filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s writers reportedly goofed. When they gave Mani a copy of the script of Raavana, a contemporary adaptation of the Ramayana, with Tamil superstar Vikram playing Ram, Aishwarya Rai playing Sita and Abhishek Bachchan playing Raavan, they forgot to include the very important character of Shoorpankha.
Shoorpankha, who is Raavan’s sister, whose nose is chopped off by Laxman in the forest according to folklore and because of which episode Raavan swears revenge on Ram. Now, Shoorpankha is pivotal to the plot… could Mani’s writing team actually have over looked this detail? Seems improbable because Mani is known for his precision. A source from the South says Mani’s production team approached the current reigning diva Nayantara for the role of Shoorpankha but she refused. Next they approached National Award-winner Priya Mani.

Priya will play Shoorpankha in the Tamil and Hindi versions, just like Aishwarya is playing Sita in both versions. Theory two on why many top Bollywood heroines who were approached for the role of Shoorpankha refused it is because “no one wants to play Abhishek’s sister,” says a source. “Abhishek
is a dishy actor, and not many actresses want to ruin their chances of being paired romantically opposite him by playing his sister in Raavana,” the source adds.

Girls who refused to be cast as Abhishek’s sister should recall Josh where Ash played Shah Rukh Khan sister, but she still romanced him very convincingly
in Mohabbatein. After all it is just role play.