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John Abraham’s injured ankle threatens cricket climax for David Dhawan film

SUBHASH K JHA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; September 12, 2009)

Poor John Abraham. The Bollywood hunk, who has been bedevilled by injuries often, has now been declared hors de combat following an ankle injury he suffered a couple of months ago. The actor, who’s busy in London doing 1:800 Love for Abbas Tyrewala, recalled he was last laid low by a virus that hospitalised him during the shooting of Kabul Express in Afghanistan. But this time, the threat is more serious.

The ankle he fractured is refusing to heal. And not only have all potential action films featuring
John been put on hold, but the climax of David Dhawan’s Hook Ya Crook is awaiting completion as well. Doctors have prescribed months of rest for him. “For an athletic, outdoors guy like me, this is like death,” groaned John from London.

“Outwardly it qualifies as just a broken ankle. But actually breaking that bone is a very serious matter,” revealed John. If he continues putting pressure on the leg instead of resting it, as he’s doing now, John may well end up with a limp for life!

Incidentally, the climatic scene in Hook Ya Crook — in which film John plays a cricketer — requires the actor to undergo a rigorous cricket camp with Team India greats like Yuvraj Singh, M S Dhoni and Harbhajan
Singh. “I can hit a sixer. But to look convincing, I’ve to play like a professional. For that I need to train. Then I also need to run very fast. My ankle just won’t be able to take the strain. I’m hoping it will be better by November,” said John ruefully.

He’s fortunate Abbas’s film doesn’t require much physical application. “It’s mostly about emotions,” sighed John, who returns to Mumbai to resume shooting for 1:800 Love next week. “We’re all in that mellow, romantic mood and would rather complete Abbas’s film in one stretch when I’m not physically up to doing anything else,” added John. After two months in London, he is itching to get back. “Has Mumbai missed me,” he asked.