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By Joginder Tuteja, December 31, 2009 – 16:43 IST

Yesterday, we went across the B-town and found that 3 Idiots was the unanimous choice when it came to the best that 2009 had to offer. The closest contender was Paa while Avatar led from the front when it came to Hollywood flicks. However, it was quite a divided opinion when it came to the worst of 2009. Quite a few names popped up, some big (Delhi 6, Chandni Chowk To China), some small (Dil Bole Hadippa), some relatively unknown (Videsh – Heaven on Earth, Victory) and a few completely irrelevant (Deshdrohi). There was also an emotional angle involved with a filmmaker or two criticizing their own effort (Sikandar). Read on:

Ramesh TauraniVictory, which came at the beginning of the year, stays on to be the worst film of 2009 for me.

Shirish Kunder Shirish Kunder – (Smiles) Yes, there is one movie which is really the worst for me. Still, I can’t name it since it’s been made by people known to me!

Kalki – Worst of the year was Billu (Barber) because it was just a series of music videos and nothing else.

Sajid Khan Sajid Khan – Worst movie of the year was Delhi 6. Really, I had a lot of expectations from the film but it turned out to be such a disappointing fare.

Hasnain Hyderabadwaala – The worst film of 2009 is Dil Bole Hadippa. Really, what were the makers thinking? Audiences were taken for granted that the protagonist out there won’t be able to differentiate between a girl and a boy despite a different physicality and voice.

Jagmohan Mundhra Jagmohan Mundhra – I have to pick two films here – Chandni Chowk To China and Kambakkht Ishq.

Rituparna Sengupta – There is nothing really which is worst for me because every movie has some effort going in there.

Ruslaan MumtazBlue is the worst movie of the year

Piyush Jha Piyush Jha – Even though I directed it, I believe worst film of the year was Sikandar. That’s because no one saw it and the media totally ignored its significance. Perhaps that happened because Sikandar didn’t have stars/big backers/comic entertainment. Whatever is the reason, the fact is Sikandar was ignored, and that is the real truth.

Sonu Sood Sonu Sood – (Smiles) Even as the entire year is through, I still can’t decide on one worst movie. Maybe I have missed it.

Suneel Darshan – 2009 started with its worst film Chandni Chowk to China It was a ‘directionless’ disaster that disrespected the viewer’s sensibility.

Sadaa – You are asking me about the worst film of the year? You know what; there have been so many that I don’t even care to remember.

Boney Kapoor Boney Kapoor – Preity Zinta’s Videsh – Heaven on Earth was the worst that 2009 had to offer.

Robby Grewal – Worst of the lot would be Deshdrohi (the film had a staggered release across 2008 and 2009)

Ananth Mahadevan – If I pick one WORST FILM of the year, I might just stir up a hornet’s nest. For, another one might cry out that it was more deserving. So let sleeping dogs lie!

Aanand L Rai – For me, the worst movie in 2009 was Delhi 6. It was a very fine concept and from a rock solid director. Still, it failed.

Hansika Motwani Hansika Motwani – I don’t really wish to pick and choose the worst film of the year because for me every movie is good. I know what are the kind of difficulties that we actors go through so it would be wrong on my part to say that this or that movie was bad!

Tusshar Kapoor – Worst of 2009 would be all those films that were released during the strike. Ha ha ha!

Kunal Deshmukh Kunal DeshmukhChandni Chowk To China was the worst film of the year. What a waste of effort. They could have done so much with the film but that was not the case to be.

Raksha Mistry – Isn’t it ironical that the first film which I saw in 2009 stays on to be worst for me? I am talking about Chandni Chowk To China. Maybe I was expecting a lot from the film’s association with Warner Bros. But then it neither had any locations of China nor Chandni Chowk. Worse, it had no story!



FUNTIME: Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Suniel Shetty in the forthcoming film
Priyadarshan struggled nine years to get Akshay, Suniel and Paresh together again

MEENA IYER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; July 25, 2009)

Priyadarshan has stopped sulking. Ever since Neeraj Vohra snatched the joy out of his hands by directing his three favourite stars — Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal — in Phir Hera Pheri, the director has been waiting to bring the hit team together. Now, nine years after Priyadarshan made that laugh-a-riot Hera Pheri in 2000, he’s managed to pull it off for Ratan Jain’s De Dhana Dhan.
“I’ve made a funny film… it is for the audience to patronise it now,” said Priyan who reportedly worked like a man possessed to cast the three actors together again.

But coming together wasn’t a simple journey for the foursome. And a lot has
changed since. Akshay has turned into a superstar capable of carrying a film on his own shoulders. Priyadarshan is one of the busiest directors of the industry giving one hit after the other. And, Suniel and Akshay were reportedly having a tiff. They came close to working together in Singh Is Kinng but at the last hour Suniel withdrew and Sonu Sood was taken in his place.

“It was not easy for all of us to come together. Something or the other kept happening which prevented us from working together. Though we wanted to, because Hera Pheri was a great experience, and we had the time of our lives shooting for that film. But things were just not falling in place. I’m glad that we were able to do De Dhana Dhan,” says Akshay.

HOT: Salman Khan and (below) Sonu Sood
Salman Khan and Sonu Sood to strip off for fight scene

SHARIN WADER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; July 11, 2009)

Arbaaz Khan has invited Sonu Sood to step outside the shower and show his ripped body alongside Salman Khan’s in his first home production Dabangg. The idea came after Arbaaz struggled to find a match to give the original six-pack star a takkar in the film. He wants to show a bare-bodied fight between the two and this seems to be working well.

Both Salman and Sonu are Biharis in the film, but Salman plays a corrupt cop, perhaps his first
negative role. Their roles require them to speak with Bihari accents, which should be a challenge for Salman, he being notorious for an American twang in his dialogue delivery. Sonu, fortunately, had the bright idea of visiting his friend, Bihar’s infamous politician Pappu Yadav, for on-the-spot lessons.

The film also marks the debut of Shatrughan Sinha’s gorgeous daughter Sonakshi Sinha opposite
Salman. She won’t be needing any lessons in how to be a Bihari having picked up mannerisms ever since she was dandled on her father’s knee as a baby… Shotgun Sinha being Bihar’s mouthpiece in Bollywood.
Tabu refuses to look younger than her age for the flashback scenes in The Legend of Kunal. The hunt for a young Tabu is on
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; April 18, 2009)


Actresses over the years have felt flattered to play characters much younger than their real age.Years ago Mala Sinha, when she was pushing 40, actually got into a frock to play a school girl in Paisa Ya Pyar. But that’s not the case with Tabu.

38-year-old Tabu, who is playing the character of Tishyarakshitra, Emperor Ashoka’s (played by Amitabh Bachchan) wife in the period film The Legend of Kunal, has refused to be shown younger for certain scenes. Incidentally, Tabu had no qualms about playing a woman at least twice her age in Mahesh Manjrekar’s Astitva (2000).

Chandraprakash Dwivedi, director of The Legend of Kunal elaborated, “Before Tabu said no to looking younger, we had planned to make both Amitji and Tabu lose years on screen. With Amitji, the process of looking younger for the flashback would’ve been much more difficult. But we had consulted make-up artistes from abroad and they had assured us that it could be done. With Tabu, the process would’ve been much easier because she can look like a 20-year-old without prosthetic support. But she refused. ‘Take a younger artiste to play my character’s young portion,’ Tabu suggested. When she opted out, we naturally had to change plans of making Amitji look younger.”

Now Dwivedi is hunting for actors who resemble the Big B and Tabu but are half their age. The director said, “We haven’t found the actors to play the young Amitji and Tabu yet. But we aren’t worried because they occupy a very small portion of the narrative. And also the shooting starts at the end of 2009.”

The Legend of Kunal is a period film which encapsulates the last years of the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka’s life and highlights his relationship with his son, Kunal.

FENIL’S SUGGESTION: Get Sonu Sood to play younger Big B! And maybe, Mahie Gill will fit in as young Tabu!!