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Nikhil Advani’s Patiala House is inspired by large patriarchal families that live under the same roof for generations

By Meena Iyer (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 30, 2009)


Akshay Kumar Anushka Sharma

Nikhil Advani is reportedly borrowing a leaf out a South Mumbai family’s life… and basing his film Patiala House on them. The family is apparently the Malhotras of Malabar Hill who, for three generations, have been living together. The head patriarch Malhotra still rules. All additions to the family are put in adjoining buildings and this is one of the largest joint families in India. Important decisions are taken by the senior Malhotra and everyone else adheres to it.

The trade buzz is that Akshay Kumar, who heard this story from Nikhil Advani, was very kicked about it. In fact, he even suggested the title Patiala House to Nikhil, just like he had suggested Singh Is Kingg to Vipul Shah.

Akshay Kumar agrees, “I wanted a title that suggested largeness in terms of numbers. Patiala is synonymous with a large peg and that is understood universally as something which is bigger than regular. Hence, Patiala House, a cluster of several houses that hosts a whole of family and cousins.”

In the movie, the character of the patriarch is played by Gurkreeat Singh Kalon (Rishi Kapoor) who rules and runs his family life just like a prime minister would run a government. He is a strict disciplinarian whose authority and rules are not questioned in Patiala House. Set in London’s Southall, every addition in the family be it a cousin’s cousin all get accommodated in Patiala House. Every new wedding needs the house to expand a little more.

Nikhil Advani, who is directing this film that is being co-produced by Bhushan Kumar of T-Series and Mukesh Talreja, explains, “Our story is universal in spirit as it is a story about all joint families who have a patriarch who makes their decisions and wants to keep everyone under one roof. Kalon family has been living for the last four generations in Southall and he has created his own fiefdom in Patiala House.’’

Abhishek Bachchan stands by his friend Rohan Sippy; will act in a film that the latter is co-producing

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 13, 2009)

Abhishek Bachchan and Rohan Sippy have been best friends and have worked together in films like Kuch Na Kaho and Bluffmaster. Now they are aiming for a hat-trick with their third film, which will go on the floors in January. Incidentally, Abhishek, who had committed to a film with T-Series, will keep his word as the film will be a joint production between Ramesh Sippy and Bhushan Kumar.

Our source said, “Both Abhishek and Amitabh Bachchan were committed to a film with T-Series. Back then, Priyadarshan was supposed to make the film, however T-Series went ahead with Bhool Bhulaiya. After that, Amitabh too opted out as his dates were blocked. However, Abhishek has kept his word and now that Rohan Sippy is ready with his untitled thriller, talks are on to make it a joint production. This way, Abhishek will be able to fulfill both – his commitment made to T-Series as well as his buddy Rohan.”

Rohan Sippy confirmed the story, but was not forthcoming about the joint venture. He said, “Yes, we are set to start the film in December end or January. Everything is locked and we are in the process of finalising the ensemble cast. However, as far as the tie-up with T-Series is concerned, my father (Ramesh Sippy) is the best person to answer the question. As far as I know, we are surely doing the music with them and Pritam is the music director.”

Speaking about the film, Rohan said, “It has an interesting mix of actors with Abhishek in the lead. It is a thriller.”

Bhushan Kumar of T-Series said, “Talks are on for a joint production, but nothing is finalised as of now. The only decision we have taken is that we will be doing the music of the film.”

Music video director Divya Kumar has Jacko’s brother paying tribute to fans in Mumbai

SHARIN WADER BUTANI Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; October 6, 2009)

Divya Kumar, the pretty wife of TSeries bossman Bhushan Kumar, is kind of fulfilling a promise Michael Jackson made to Mumbai when he performed here in 1996 and would return. Fans of the ‘ be interested to know that Jacko’s brother Jermaine Jackson, 55 — a singer and composer himself with some mean dancing moves — who is in Mumbai, is featuring in a music video directed by Divya that also features Bollywood music g Adnan Sami.

“This is Jermaine’s tribu fans in India,” said Divya, w engaged Bollywood choreog Remo to lead Jackson Sr thr desi dance steps. The song i Go to Mumbai City and will
at CST, Gateway of India and in some slums. “He wanted drums in the song the way MJ had used in They Don’t Care About Us. So I’m using a few dhols instead to give it a desi flavour,” added Divya who has conceptualised the jacket and Adnan a kurta.” This video will be promoted internationally, too. “I want people to know about Mumbai. I’ll have Jermaine dancing techno a la MJ with slum kids who remain his big fans,” said the young director who’s playing host to Jermaine. “He’s with his wife Halima Rashid, she’s an Afghani but is fluent in Hindi — unlike Jermaine who doesn’t undertand the language. They are our guests till the 12th. Our schedule is ight, so I can’t show them around,” egretted Divya, who plans to direct a film next. “I know that like all the music videos I’ve directed, the film too will be appreciated. Who knows, I might make Jermaine act in it too,” she smiled.

Miffed at not being given as much prominence as Akshay Kumar in the promos of Blue, Sanjay Dutt gives a miss to the shooting of the song Fiqrana

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 02, 2009)

The Fiqrana song in Blue

Although Sanjay Dutt plays the protagonist in the forthcoming film Blue, it is Akshay Kumar, who plays the antagonist, who has been given far more prominence in the film. This has angered Sanjay so much that he has completely washed his hands of the promotions of Blue, which releases on October 16. Sanjay will instead focus on Ajay Devgan’s All The Best, which releases on the same day.

According to sources, Akshay was given more importance in the promo on the insistence of the music company T Series’s head honcho Bhushan Kumar. Bhushan called up the film’s director Tony D’Souza to highlight Akshay’s presence in the film.

Sanjay Dutt

The emotional Sanjay, who is known to go out on a limb for friends and struggling directors, has taken this snub to heart. To top it, when Sanjay read about Tony’s next film featuring Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, he couldn’t resist calling up the director to say that he was very hurt at not being part of Tony’s next project.

As a result, Sanjay is also missing from Blue’s promotional song, Fiqrana, which was shot last month.

Director Tony D’Souza confirms Sanjay’s absence from the song. He says, “It’s true that Sanjay didn’t participate in the shooting of the Fiqrana song in Blue. I’ve no clue why didn’t turn up. It’s also true that Sanjay sir called me when he read about my next film with Akshay and John. I told him there was no role for him at the moment and that I’m trying my best to include him in my forthcoming film.”

Tony D’Souza

But the wounded Sanjay isn’t biting the bait. A source says, “As far as Mr Dutt is concerned, Blue is done and over with. He has moved on.

However, he will be doing a lot of promotional activities for All The Best, in which he plays the central part. It was very sporting of Ajay Devgan to let Sanjay Dutt take centre stage although Ajay is the film’s producer.”

Himesh Reshammiya plans to celebrate the completion of 500 songs with a grand bash, where he will felicitate his father

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 01, 2009)

Himesh Reshammiya

Singer and actor Himesh Reshammiya is elated about crossing the 500 songs-mark as a composer. With Mann ka radio from Radio, Himesh has successfully composed 500 songs and is planning to celebrate in a grand fashion. Himesh plans to felicitate his father Vipin Reshammiya at the party, as he attributes all his success to him. The details of the party are being worked out and Himesh plans to invite everyone from the industry.

Our source says, “Himesh is riding high as the music of Radio has been received well by the audience. In fact, Himesh didn’t know that Mann ka radio was his 500th song till his manager told him about it. It has been 11 years since he first recorded Odh li chunariya for Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya in 1998. Now, he’s close to completing 100 films as a music composer. Himesh has decided to thank all the people who have helped him in his career. In the mid-October bash, he will also felicitate Bhushan Kumar of T-Series for his association with him since 11 years. Amitabh Bachchan will be specially invited for the party, even as Radio’s release will clash with Amitabh’s Paa.”

Himesh doesn’t seem too perturbed about the clash as he says, “I would love to invite everyone who is responsible for my success and of course, Bachchansaab, who is my idol and inspiration. It will be my privilege if he comes. I am aware that my film’s release clashes with Paa, but I see it as an honour to be pitted against such a legend. We are releasing the film on December 3, a Thursday, due to astrological reasons.”

…says Akshay Kumar, Bollywood’s commercial success but critical failure

MARK MANUEL Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; July 19, 2009)

Akshay Kumar is Bollywood’s Rocky Balboa. Like Stallone’s indefatigable boxer, he has kept the faith, fought the good fight, and finished the race. Which makes him a winner, right? No, say the critics! They had counted him out at the start of this year with Chandni Chowk To China; then wrote him off altogether when his double-roled murder mystery Tasveer 8×10 also failed. But you cannot just dismiss Akshay, not even when he’s had 14 flops in a row, he simply bounces back. Now he’s done it with Kambakkht Ishq, a film that reportedly took a bigger opening than even Ghajini (false news!). The disbelieving critics ripped it apart, but the film ran to packed houses, and Akshay and producer Sajid Nadiadwala laughed all the way to the bank. They are both in London now, with Deepika Padukone, working on Sajid’s next film. Apparently, the collection speaks louder than voice or word, and Sajid was so pleased with Kambakkht Ishq’s success, that he couldn’t wait to work with Akshay again.

Akshay looked surprised when I questioned this. “Why only Sajid,” he asked, “take any producer, from Vipul Shah to Nikhil Advani and from Venus to T Series, all have worked with me in three, four, five films. My heroines as well, all of them. There must be something in me for people to want to work with me again and
again, no?” I hadn’t an answer. We were talking in his van at Mehboob Studios where he was wrapping up De Dana Dhan for Priyadarshan before leaving for London. He was still smarting from the critics’ sharp rap across the knuckles for Kambakkht Ishq. “I would like to think it doesn’t matter what critics say… but it does matter,” he sighed. “Critics are like the tax man. Everybody wishes they don’t exist, but they do. I can’t force them to be nice to me. But it’s upto the people to decide whether to see a film or not. If I want to see a film, I will, even if the critics say it’s crap!”

He defended the film’s dialogue, it’s farcical story, and the bad press his performance got. “I saw this coming,” Akshay said shaking his head. “How can anyone be offended at something put there to
make you laugh? Comedians are there to exaggerate the truth. What have we shown that doesn’t happen in our daily life? And haven’t you heard the words kuttey, kaminay and suvaar ke bacche in Hindi films of the 1970s? What does kuttey mean? I said the word in English, that’s all. At the end of the day, it’s just entertainment. And I’ll continue to work hard at entertaining people because I know nothing else. Earlier, I did work just for the sake of having work, then for the money. Now it’s my passion to entertain people with good work. You can call me a clown. A clown’s position is in the ring. Not on a podium.”

He regrets the critics do not suspend belief and learn to enjoy a masala Bollywood film like they do Hollywood. Drawing parallels,
he said, “A Hollywood film like The Hangover, in which a tiger is sneaked into the bathroom of a hotel suite in LA without anyone knowing, the critics gave four stars. I enjoyed it thoroughly. And the film is going housefull. I know three producers who are fighting for the rights to remake it in Hindi.” His next release is Blue, a thriller and underwater drama, with sharks and a treasure hunt, not to mention a belligerent Sanjay Dutt, the sexy Lara Dutta showcasing her new body in a bikini, and American pop idol Kylie Minogue singing and dancing to Bollywood music. “It’s a complete action and comedy film,” he revealed, then paused and added dramatically, “but I shouldn’t open my mouth, nowadays I can’t even sneeze on the street without being shouted at.”

By Joginder Tuteja, June 1, 2009 – 14:31 IST

Himesh Reshammiya Even as Bollywood, along with its fans and followers await with bated breath for the producers’ strike to be finally called off any moment, there is a happy problem for Himesh Reshammiya. He has two of his films lined up for release and it is yet to be decided which of them would arrive first. Once the release plans for those dozen odd biggies, which were stuck due to strike and hence are already in the pipeline, become more concrete, there would be better visibility around which of the two Himesh starrers would arrive first – Kajraare or Ishk Unplugged!

Says a Bollywood insider, “Both Kajraare as well as Ishk Unplugged are complete and the makers of the former have made the first strike by announcing their release plans. T-Series have closed on 16th October as the release date for Kajraare and it has to be seen whether Studio 18, which has made Ishk Unplugged, will hurry up their release plans or would wait for Kajraare to pass by.”

Meanwhile Bhushan Kumar, producer of Kajraare, had made an official announcement around the release of this film which has been set in Jordan and Dubai.

“Yes, 16th October is the confirmed date for Kajraare. We are positively arriving on this date”, says the head honcho of T-Series. In fact, plans are already been firmed up for the marketing and promotion of the film, even as the film is more than four months away from release.

Kajaare is a prestigious product and we would be aggressive in our marketing and promotion”, adds Bhushan Kumar.

Starring Mona Laizza (a popular TV actress from Pakistan) as the leading lady opposite Himesh Reshammiya, Kajraare, which is directed by Pooja Bhatt also stars Amrita Singh, Adnan Shah, Natasha Sinha, Gaurav Chanana, Jawed Sheikh and Gulshan Grover. Interestingly, Himesh plays the role of a lawyer in the film.

Meanwhile, shooting of Himesh’s latest film Radio, which is being directed by Isshaan Trivedi, is currently in full swing. Also, talkie portion of John Mathew Matthan’s A Love Issshtory is also complete with only the shooting of songs remaining.

Though Himesh Reshammiya was unavailable for comment, a source close to the actor says, “Himesh is very confident of all his future films and is very proud of them. Now whether he would be seen first in Kajraare or Ishk unplugged, well…yeh toh waqt hi bataaega!”