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After Kurbaan was dismissed by the audience, Dharma Productions has decided to shoot Tarun Mansukhani’s Dostana 2 first, pushing back Nishikant Kamat’s next with John Abraham

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 16, 2009)

Karan Johar’s production house Dharma now feels the need to pull up its socks especially after its biggest turkey in years, Kurbaan. Dostana director Tarun Mansukhani has been asked to complete the script for Dostana 2  immediately.

Tarun says, “We will start shooting the sequel in April 2010. I’m just about locking in the script. We want to give the film a nice summery look in London. So far, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham are the only cast members who are confirmed.”

In this rush to release a comedy which may prove to be more commercially viable, Nishikant Kamat’s (director of  Mumbai Meri Jaan) film with John which was to start early 2010, has now been pushed to July 2010. Confirming this, the reclusive director says, “I think John has one other film to finish before he comes to my project. So I have more time to work on my script. I’ve been locked away in my native village most of this year writing the film.”

Kamat continues to tell us about the project, “I love the cinema of Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra and Sooraj Barjatya and that’s the kind of mass entertainment we’re attempting. John and I have been friends for a long time. We sat and discussed what kind of a film to make. We both thought an adventure-action-romance was a far bigger challenge than a topical subject.”

His film with John will be produced by UTV. And it’s likely that UTV would also be on board for Dostana 2. So a shuffle seems very much on the cards.

After the heavy losses Kurbaan incurred, UTV’s Siddharth Kapoor cautiously says, “We’re in a long-term association with Dharma. So the intention is to collaborate closely with them on their future productions. But nothing has been formalised for Dostana 2.”


Karan Johar has a karmic connection with the actress of his Friday release

OMAR QURESHI Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; November 17, 2009)

JLo is probably eating her heart out. ‘Coz the new toast of the debonair circuit has slightly different initials — KJo. But envy won’t get her (or anyone else) anywhere, simply because Karan Johar has worked his butt off — planning, focusing and making his dad, Yash Johar’s banner, Dharma Productions, proud. Suddenly it’s an unstoppable juggernaut. Dostana, Wake Up Sid, now Kurbaan with My Name Is Khan and Stepmom to follow, even as his team of directors is plotting the next scripts. “These young directors today, Tarun, Ayaan, Rensil, Siddharth and others directing for Dharma, they’re geniuses,” says the stylish producer. “They’re steps ahead of the way we thought earlier. They’ve taken cinema to another level. Look at the themes — comedy (Dostana), adolescence (Wake Up Sid), terror-sensitivity (Kurbaan), poignancy (MNIK) … it’s incredible. I only wish dad was with us today. To see us take his legacy of honesty and credibility forward. Yes, hits help us financially, but we’re not greedy. We also want to give back quality cinema with conviction and good viewing. Otherwise, right now I have only Kurbaan on my mind. I’m very excited about it because it has been a subject close to my heart for a while now and I’d been tossing it around in my head. Then I asked Rensil (D’Silva) to write it and develop it for me. And I was so taken by his passion for the subject, that I asked him to direct it himself. And the result is crackling.”

Elaborating on the November 20th release, Karan says, “The story addresses the perpetually looming threat of terrorism, the film lends emotion into that graph. It has a point of view. That’s the path. Of presenting this threat in a logically, emotionally, sensitively cinematic manner. I’m quite delighted with the final product.” But there had been a thought in Karan’s mind, some time ago, to cast SRK in the lead role in this subject. “Maybe it was a thought a long time ago. Simply because SRK is emotionally a part of everything I do. Even before I wake up to box office figures, Shah Rukh calls asking, ‘How’re the collections dude? … How’s it going?’ He’s part of Dharma. However, that said, after the way the film has shaped out, Saif and Kareena are ideal casting,” smiles KJo. And how dissimilar is My Name Is Khan from this subject? Isn’t that Karan-directed venture also a ‘terrorism’ subject? “Not at all. My Name Is Khan is totally different in as much it doesn’t deal with terrorism at all. That’s all media conjecture. Wait for that one as well.” What we couldn’t wait for was his response to Kareena’s recent joke that KJo was like a ‘witch’, that everything he said was almost prophetic. Karan couldn’t stop laughing: “We have this strange Karmic Connection and I feel the need to be as protective about her as ever. I love Kareena to death. We fight too. We didn’t speak for a year. I hurt her and she hurt me. But one only fights with those one loves. Now that we’re past the initial hurdles, we’re the best of friends. And you have to see her in the film to believe what she’s capable of. As for the ‘witch’ part, I wish I could prophesise the success of Kurbaan for starters … that’s all I pray!”
WHAT AN ACT: Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif

A strange dostana is being formed by the actress with Abhishek and John for Karan Johar’s sequel…

SUBHASH K JHA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; November 3, 2009)

This latest development in Bollywood epitomizes the song Kitne Ajeeb Rishte Hain Yahan Par. Kareena Kapoor, who a few years ago was on uneasy terms with Karan Johar, has completed one major film Kurbaan with his production house and is now in the thick of another major project, Stepmom, costarring Kajol. And the buzz is that the actress is all set to take over the leading lady’s mantle from Priyanka Chopra in the Dostana franchise.

katzThis is a serious olive branch exercise for Kareena since it not only makes this her third prestigious film in a row for Karan, but also brings to an end her long-standing strained relations with Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. With John, Kareena had locked horns after her comments on his acting abilities made on Karan’s chat show. The rift with Abhishek was far more serious. The actors had decided not to work together after things soured between Abhishek and Kareena’s sister Karisma Kapoor. Says a source, “Ironically, Kareena had been dropped from the first Dostana because she couldn’t work with Abhishek. And now she’s back in Dostana 2. Never say never again, at least in Bollywood, where equations change every Friday.”

Incidentally, Katrina Kaif was a serious contender for Dostana 2. In fact, rumours were that she had almost been finalised. However, director Tarun Mansukhani denies casting Katrina. “How could I finalise anyone until I finished the script except John and Abhishek who are an integral part of the Dostana brand,” he asks. About casting Kareena, the director says noncommitally, “We are almost done with the script. At the moment I’m neither confirming not denying Kareena’s presence.” The story of Dostana now moves from Miami where Abhishek and John shared a flat masquerading as a gay couple to London where they continue to play gays.
Two more Bollywood boys join the chase to win Katrina Kaif in the sequel to Dostana, taking the tally up to four
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 09, 2009)

Arjun Rampal

Riteish Deshmukh

Katrina Kaif will be joining the loony team of John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan in the sequel to Dostana. She has signed the deal recently and is now the leading lady of the film. But Katrina’s not the only addition to the existing cast. Also in the list to woo and court her will be Arjun Rampal and Riteish Deshmukh. The two men have been taken on board to give the plot an extra zing.

Director Tarun Mansukhani has finally come up with the perfect script for the sequel to Dostana. Producer Karan Johar’s brief to Tarun was, “Go for it… I’ll produce it only if you come up with the right script.” And Tarun claims to have done just that. The sequel will have not one or two, but four men chasing the pretty girl.


Our source reveals, “Katrina was chosen to play the female lead after much deliberation. Dharma Productions has auditioned dozens of new girls. Actually, they wanted a fresh face for Dostana 2. But finally, after a tedious Google search, they felt that Katrina’s ‘most hit’ status on the Internet makes it apt for her to play the role of the ‘most hit’ girl by the boys in Dostana 2.”

“It speaks volumes for Katrina’s professionalism that she has agreed to co-star with Abhishek, regardless of the rumoured differences with Aishwarya Rai over the Barbie doll issue and even with John, whom boyfriend Salman Khan has apparently declared as a prohibited zone.”

Katrina, currently in New York, refuses to comment.

TUSHAR JOSHI (Mid-Day; August 8, 2009)

Director Tarun Mansukhani’s Dostana has been selected to open the iView Film Festival in New York on August 28 and 29.

The director who is working on a sequel to the film will attend the festival with actor John Abraham. “I am thrilled that Dostana is making news months after its release.

I expect a lot of Asians to attend the festival since John will accompany me,” said Mansukhani.

He added, “It is sweet of Abbas Tyrewala who is directing John in a film shot in London to allow the actor to attend the festival.”

Abhishek Bachchan and John pretended to be gays in Dostana to rent an apartment in Miami, Florida.

But when asked whether the sequel too will be set in the US, Mansukhani said, “I cannot say for sure, but chances are that it will most likely be set in the US.”


IT’S MY CHOICE: Imran Khan For more pictures of the actor visit http://photogallery.indiatimes.com

Imran Khan opens up to BT about work and women…

MEENA IYER Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; June 19, 2009)

Imran Khan hasn’t shot for a single day since February. And is he worried about that? On the contrary, he is extra chilled out.

Currently preoccupied with building muscle for a new film (like Maamu Aamir, he’ll sport eight packs, perhaps!), pilates and pushups aside, Imran’s nose is buried deep in a pile of scripts. But he hasn’t been in front of the camera by choice.

He doesn’t subscribe to the view that out of sight is out of mind. “If you’re a good actor, even if you’re missing for years on end, your audience still remembers you. There is a standard wisdom that you need to be in the public eye constantly. You need to keep working. Otherwise the public will forget you. That is such b……t! No one can accept that I wish to take it slow,” he says.

The euphoria following Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na hasn’t died down, and though temptation knocks on his bungalow gates every day, the lighteyed, blue-blooded Khan has greenlighted just three films: Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly (English); Sanjay Gadhvi’s 7 Days in Paris; and, Karan Johar’s untitled film with Sonam Kapoor. The rest of the reports are all speculation — that he is doing a film with Ranbir Kapoor directed by Tarun Mansukhani, that he is work
ing with Deepa Mehta, blah-blah. “Most of these announcements are made in the media factory and denied by them. I read the paper each morning to find out what is next,’’ he says.

One of Bollywood’s big hopes currently, Imran explains, “Tarun and I gravitate towards one another at parties because we’re both slightly shy. However, after that election video that we did, he hasn’t even called me. He hasn’t spoken about doing any film with Ranbir and me.’’ As for Deepa’s Midnight’s Children, once again the actor says, “Only the media called me about this film, Deepa didn’t.’’

Imran believes that the entire hype around superstardom is very surreal. “I’m reluctant to buy the hype,’’ says the 20-something actor. “I still go to my old eating joints, I don’t wear designer stuff — so many of my friends are better dressed than I am. And I keep a low profile.’’ Also — he is uncomfortable romancing his heroines.
“I’m uncomfortable romancing any girl other than my girlfriend Avantika,’’ he clarifies. As an actor even if he is required to light up the screen with a bevy of beauties, his personal stance still remains that “it’s only my girl and no one else for me.”


Anushka Sharma


























Imran-Ranbir finally sign a film together
By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; June 11, 2009)

Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor

They had everybody in splits when they co-hosted this year’s Filmfare awards. After industrywallas witnessed Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor’s camaraderie during the event, they were eager to sign the two together. Who wouldn’t want two of Bollywood’s best looking newcomers to star together in their film? While several rumours started doing the rounds that Imran-Ranbir have signed a film together, it is director Tarun Mansukhani who has finally managed to get them together for his next film.

While the sequel to Dostana starring John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan is high on the Tarun’s priority list, he doesn’t want to rush the film. That’s how the Ranbir-Imran vehicle was born.

While Tarun is writing the sequel to Dostana he’s also working on another project, which will feature real-life best buddies Imran and Ranbir. This project might even be made before Dostana 2, depending on the progress of the two scripts.

A source said, “Imran and Ranbir showed interest in doing the sequel to Dostana. After they did the pseudo gay act on stage at the Filmfare awards, everyone presumed that the young actors will replace Abhishek and John in Dostana 2. But Karan Johar and Tarun are adamant that Dostana 2 will feature the two male lead actors who starred in the original.”

Tarun Mansukhani

“There are many rumours about Ranbir and Imran coming together for a film. But it’s actually Tarun Mansukhani who’s doing the needful,” added the source.

Karan, who is busy shooting with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol for My Name Is Khan, said, “Right now I’m too stressed with Khan to even think of any other project. Ask Tarun about his plans.”

Tarun, who is holidaying in Hong Kong with his family, gave us a polite noncommittal response.

“Tarun wants to keep quiet about the Dostana sequel and also the Imran-Ranbir film. He wants everyone to believe he will go ahead with Dostana 2 first when in fact the Ranbir-Imran project is also being readied,” said the source.