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Aamir Khan plays a character half his age in 3 Idiots, has modelled it on his teenage nephew Pablo. He has also taken to wearing baggy T-shirts and losing weight for a lean look

By Meena Iyer (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 05, 2009)


For Aamir Khan, the most challenging part of playing a 20-something in Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots was to work on his physical appearance. The actor admits that he had to work on his mind, body, body language and even his wardrobe single-mindedly. To get under the skin of his character, the actor says he started observing kids. “Many of them were my son Junaid’s friends,’’ he admits. “I would closely observe how they talk, walk and behave.”




Aamir also lets out another secret. He apparently modelled his character Rancho on his cousin Mansoor Khan’s teenage son Pablo, who lives in Coonoor with his father. Aamir is very fond of Pablo and he says that he is fascinated by the way Pablo is always moving on his feet, not even stopping to talk. Apparently, the kid even talks while he is on the move. Says Aamir, “Pablo is so fidgety that he can’t stand still even for a few minutes.”

Director Raju Hirani reveals another secret. Apparently, for his wardrobe and his overall demeanour, Aamir has borrowed heavily from his Ghajini director AR Murgadoss. Says Aamir, “I love the boyish sparkle in his eyes… he always has a twinkle in his eyes and is full of excitement.”

Aamir says that he had keenly observed that the puny Murgadoss always wears worn-out clothes and T-shirts that are two sizes too large.

“Yaar, first I had work very hard to get those eight packs for Ghajini and then I had to work doubly hard to lose that dream physique and look lean,’’ says the actor. He confesses that he also borrowed a couple of oversized T-shirts from his Ghajini director.

AR Murgadoss

Finally, he adds that for Ghajini he had to workout strenuously for close to two hours for two years. And to get his 3 Idiots look, he had to reduce 10 kgs of pure muscle and make it look like a young boy’s physique for which he invested another year of rigorous badminton playing.

Says Aamir, “It was important for me to get into the mind of the character, I was sure that physically I would be able to pull it off by observing Pablo. But it was most important to feel young.”