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By Taran Adarsh, December 18, 2009 – 16:18 IST

Indians are passionate about cricket. Am also sure you must’ve encountered a number of cricket fanatics over the years. Most film-makers dread to release their films during crucial matches, fearing that a sizable chunk of moviegoers would prefer to watch a match than a movie.

This year, we’ve had VICTORY [Harman Baweja, Amrita Rao] and DIL BOLE HADIPPA [Rani Mukherji, Shahid Kapoor] focusing on this popular sport. Prior to that LAGAAN, IQBAL and JANNAT. Now WORLD CUPP 2011. Unfortunately, WORLD CUPP 2011 neither excites you as a cinematic experience, nor does it whip up those passions.


Ravi Kapoor essays the captain of the Indian cricket team, who tanks a match with the help of his team-mates against arch rivals Pakistan in World Cup. They are banned for four years when exposed by the media. His girl-friend Soha [Manisha Chatterjee] dumps him and his family disowns him.

Cut to 2011. Ravi is given one more chance to prove his patriotism by the coach [Suresh Oberoi]. Ravi is again approached by the same bookie [Zakir Hussain] to repeat the same performance once again, but this time he turns the offer down. His girl-friend is kidnapped. Ravi goes through a crisis before he wins the World Cup trophy.

WORLD CUPP 2011 falls flat due to a weak script. The film tries to explore the unholy nexus between cricketers-bookies-underworld, besides the rise-fall-rise of a cricketer, but the writing is so amateurish that it doesn’t hold your attention. Perhaps the intentions were right, but not the final output.

Debutante writer-director Ravi Kapoor may’ve borrowed from real-life, but several portions seem unpalatable. Like, for instance, the ease with which the captain of the Indian cricket team and even the umpire interact with underworld dons while the final match is in progress seems bizarre.

Talking of acting, Ravi Kapoor has screen presence, but needs to work on his acting skills. Prem Chopra, Suresh Oberoi and Zakir Hussain are passable.

On the whole, WORLD CUPP 2011 is a weak fare.

HERE HE COMES: Emraan Hashmi

Director Milan Luthria was blown away by Emraan Hashmi’s tough look and performance in his forthcoming film

DEEPALI DHINGRA Times News Network (BOMBAY TIMES; December 9, 2009)

No, Emraan Hashmi isn’t looking to flaunt his six-pack abs in this picture, but hey, can he help it if he is? This is a new and improved Emraan, with his look from Balaji Motion Pictures’
Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.

But it’s not just the look that the actor is excited about, it’s the film as well, where his role is that of a guy who challenges an underworld don. “The movie is set in the 60s when underworld was just trickling in Mumbai. My character Shoaib is one who challenges the authority of Sultan (Ajay Devgn). Shoaib is very ambitious, can do anything to get what he wants, he’s a fiery personality,” says Emraan. And though the mental preparation for a role like this required the actor to have regular interactions with his director Milan Luthria, it was his look that literally made him slog it out for three months.

Milan was clear about what he wanted from Emraan. “He told me I should look tough which extends beyond just having sixpack abs. It was about beefing up but keeping it lean too,” the actor says. Three months of training with a personal trainer and exercises that included strength endurance and… bingo! Even Milan was taken aback by Emraan’s dedication. “I was blown away!” admits Milan, “Emraan is quietly determined, as intensely passionate as a Hrithik or an Aamir when it comes to his work.” It was not just the looks, Milan was clear in his mind what he wanted from Emraan as an actor. “I was keen to have an actor who could match upto as well as be a foil to Ajay. Emraan has been tagged as a serial-kisser and as a sex symbol but with this film, I’m hoping to be the one who can push him to a different level,” he adds.

The shooting of the film will finish in January, which will be followed by promotions so that the film can release by May-June 2010. “The biggest element of surprise will be the looks and performances of each of the actors, be it Ajay or Kangna. As for Emraan, the audience will see a deeper dimension in his performance,” the director says.

S Balakrishnan | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; December 8, 2009)

Mumbai: Film producer Ravi Kapoor has received a threat from gangster Ravi Pujari for ‘allegedly’ showing his wife in an objectionable manner in his forthcoming film.

Kapoor has produced a film—World Cupp 2011—which seeks to expose cricket matchfixing and the role of the underworld. One of the scenes shows Pujari’s wife consuming liquor and laying bets on a match. Kapoor said he received a call from the elusive Pujari who abused and threatened him. He wanted all references to his wife to be deleted from the movie, failing which he threatened to eliminate Kapoor.

“My maiden movie is based on real-life incidents and it is shocking that the underworld is now censoring Hindi movies,’’ Kapoor said on Monday. “Luckily, I recorded the telephone conversation so I have proof of the threat. I have complained to the crime branch,’’ he added. Pujari is based in an undisclosed foreign location from where he is conducting his operations, said sources. He was earlier with Chhota Rajan, but is on his own now. He has, in the past, targeted director Mahesh Bhatt and noted criminal lawyer Majid Memon.

The film uses the original names of gangsters like Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan, Ravi Pujari, Chhota Shakeel et al. It also deals with Pujari’s attempt on the life of Bhatt.

“I will reveal the real reason for Ravi Pujari’s boys opening fire on Bhatt. I will also show why Chhota Rajan had attacked drug dealer Amjad Quereshi. I have openly taken the names of underworld figures who are implicated in match-fixing rackets because I want people to know the truth about cricket’’ Kapoor said. Kapoor said he has directed the film himself “as no other director was ready to take up this assignment.’’ He has also referred to big bookies like Shobhan Mehta, Laxmi Thane et al by their original names in the film, which is due for release on December 18.

World Cup 2011, a realistic film based on the nexus between the underworld and betting in the cricket world, has startling inputs by cricketers-turned-commentators, Nikhil Chopra and Saba Karim

By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; October 07, 2009)

Saba Karim and Ravi Kapoor in World Cup 2011

Debutant director and actor Ravi Kapoor’s realistic film, World Cup 2011 based on the nexus between cricket and the underworld is complete. The film has several inputs by cricketers-turned-commentators, Nikhil Chopra and Saba Karim, who play themselves in the film.

Confirming the news, Ravi says, “Initially, I did not know Nikhil very well but once we started interacting for the film, we became close. He has been an asset with his valuable inputs which have been incorporated in the film. Certain inputs given by Nikhil are startling. Saba Karim, who stars in the film, has also contributed to the film in a big way.”

Commenting on the betting nexus between cricket and the underworld, Ravi says, “I play Ravi Indulkar in the film. One can’t deny the way cricketers work hand in glove with bookies.

Nikhil Chopra

There are many things in the film that will certainly shock the audience. It took me two years to do my research on the subject. Anyone who watches the film will never watch cricket again.

I have used real names of bookies such as Soban and also underworld names such as Sharad Shetty, Chhota Rajan, Ravi Poojari and realistically shown their involvement with cricket. It’s a real story made in a commercial format. Since it’s based on cricket, the film is titled World Cup 2011.”

After Bandit Queen, Seema Biswas exposes her entire back in forthcoming film, Tomorrow
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; August 26, 2009)

Seema Biswas

After her controversial nude sequence in Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen, Seema Biswas will once again go topless in Amjad Khan’s film, Tomorrow, which is based on people from the underworld. Seema Biswas has shot for a vital sequence in which her entire body from the back has been shown explicitly.

Amjad Khan, director of the film, said, “Yes, this scene was a high-charged emotional scene where the cops are following a character called Kaalia played by Raj Arjun.

He hides behind Seema and when the cops reach them, they think that Seema is making love with someone else. They get embarrassed and leave because of which Kaalia gets saved.”

Commenting on Seema’s opinion on the scene, Amjad Khan said, “The script demanded this scene. Although Seemaji was not ready initially, she did realise the importance of the sequence eventually.

We managed to convince her and she had the confidence that the scene will be shot aesthetically. We shot it in a studio in Mumbai and no one was allowed on the sets. We could not show the frontal nudity as we did not want to run in to trouble with the censors. So we clearly showed her entire back.”