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By Trade Guide, June 12, 2009 – 18:35 IST

If you could see the future, wouldn’t you first use it to your advantage? It seems like many are thinking futuristic nowadays, which is a good thing. But the irony is, be it AA DEKHEN ZARA or 8 x 10 TASVEER, the genre wasn’t well exploited on screen. KAL KISSNE DEKHA too falls short of expectations.

KAL KISSNE DEKHA walks on a tight rope. The writers could’ve explored the concept to the optimum, making their imagination run wild. But what eventually unfolds is just not exciting. It catches your attention at times, but gives away later.


KAL KISSNE DEKHA is meant to be the launch pad of Jackky Bhagnani. Yes, he can act. And as we know by now, he can dance exceptionally well too. But how one wishes the debutante had the backing of a solid script.

Nihal Singh [Jackky Bhagnani] from Chandigarh is a seemingly simple yet unconventional boy. He talks too much, questions everything and builds complicated gadgets in his spare time. He has a brilliant mind and an oddball sort of charm. He adores his mother, has dreams of studying in the most elite institute of science and always looks for big ideas in small things.


But Nihal has a secret…

When Nihal is accepted into his dream college in Mumbai, he is over the moon, College is a whole new world, full of color, new people and new challenges to be met. Initially, nobody takes him seriously. He is ragged by his seniors, insulted by the girl he likes and so on.

Nihal, however, slowly wins them over. The girl Nihal likes is Meesha [Vaishali Desai]. She is the spoilt brat of the college. She is proud, rude and rolling in money. And she cannot accept that Nihal is managing to charm everyone. Including Professor Verma [Rishi Kapoor], the warden of the college.

Professor Verma is fascinated by Nihal’s unique mind and agrees to become his mentor. Suddenly Nihal’s world is rudely interrupted. Nihal gets visions of Meesha being in danger. He saves her life and his secret is revealed. The media and TV channels are all buzzing with only one news: Nihal can see the future.

Meesha softens towards him and love blooms. But how long will the peace last? What Nihal doesn’t know is that someone is trying to use his gift against him. In his innocence, he is manipulated and his visions become a tool.

Director Vivek Sharma showed tremendous promise in his debut film BHOOTHNATH, but he’s not in form in KAL KISSNE DEKHA. The reason is simple. The film just doesn’t hold your attention in most parts. Too many things seem to be happening here, but not all excite. What’s more, several questions remain unanswered till the end, by the writers.

The film lacks the fun that one normally associates with a campus fare. Even the climax leaves a lot to be desired. Further, the bullies who befriend Nihal Singh disappear after their stint. Why? Moreover, Ritesh is wasted. His character’s aim was to evoke laughter, which just doesn’t happen. If the initial portions at least look interesting, the film slides downwards towards the second half.

Sajid-Wajid’s music caters to the popular variety. The score is very energetic. At least three tracks are worth humming. The picturisation of every song is eye-catching, with the makers going out of their way to give the film a grand look. Cinematography [Johny Lall] is excellent. All the eye-pleasing locales have been perfectly exploited.

Jackky is a debutante to watch. Given the right script, this boy can work wonders. The chemistry between Jackky and Vaishali is perfect. Vaishali is a confident debutante, who acts her part well. Rishi Kapoor is, as always, in form. Ritesh Deshmukh is wasted, although he seems to have acted with a lot of sincerity. Rahul Dev is alright. Akshay Kapoor disappears suddenly. Archana Puransingh and Satish Shah justify their parts well. Sanjay Dutt’s surprise appearance goes unnoticed.

On the whole, KAL KISSNE DEKHA has a great body [grandiose production values], but lacks soul. Given its slow start, the film will have to rely on word of mouth to attract the youth, its target audience, during its opening weekend.


By: Amul Sharma Date: 2009-06-05

Mumbai (MID-DAY)The tension between producer Vashu Bhagnani and director Vivek Sharma took an ugly turn on Wednesday. For months, there has been talk about the growing differences between them; it ended two days ago with Vashu slapping Vivek.

A source reveals, “They’ve been having problems for a long time. As Vashu’s son is making his sliver screen debut, he didn’t want to compromise in any department and has been spending money freely on the project. The director apparently decided to take advantage of Vashu’s spending spree and tried to make money off it.”

The source further adds, “Vashu signed Vivek for Rs 61 lakh, right after he made Bhoothnath. He’d been paid most of the amount (only Rs 10 lakh was due), which the director was to receive around the time of the film’srelease.

But on Wednesday afternoon, Vivek went to Bhagnani’s office along with his legal counsel and served him a notice for a balance payment of Rs 40 lakh! He claimed that the producer had signed him for Rs 91 lakh and now that the movie was to release on June 12, the money was due to him.”

The scene…

The producer who has been running from pillar to post trying to release his son’s film, tried to reason with Vivek and his lawyer. Says the source, “He told them that he made over 30 films as a producer and never in his wildest dreams would he think of paying almost a crore to a flop director.

After this, Vivek got aggressive and started screaming and making a scene. Vashu lost his temper and slapped Vivek and told him that he would drop his name from the credits of the film if he didn’t come to his senses.”

Association of Motion Pictures & TV Programme Producers (AMPTPP) has also received a CC-ed copy of the legal notice. Monica, the secretary of the association confirms this, “We have indeed received a letter from the legal team representing Vivek Sharma against Puja Entertainment and it is being processed. Mostly an emergency meeting will be called to resolve this matter as soon as possible.”

Vashu Bhagnani says, “I would not like to comment on this.”

Says Vivek Sharma, “I am going to expose Vashu and the myth that he is a wonderful producer. I am dragging him to court but I had no other option.” About the slapping incident, he says, “These are just rumours.”



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Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun Chakraborty will work together 19 years after Agneepath
By Kunal M Shah (MUMBAI MIRROR; May 14, 2009)

Amitabh Bachchan

Mithun Chakraborty

Director Vivek Sharma has managed to bring together Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun Chakraborty, 19 years after they worked together in Agneepath, for his next film, Buddham Sharanam Ghachammi.

Mithun, playing the role of a South Indian coconut seller with a propensity to fold up his lungi had created a huge impact in Agneepath. According to industry sources Mithun was said to be the successor to the number one position occupied by Amitabh Bachchan for almost three decades. However, there were reports of friction between both the actors during the making of Prakash Mehra’s Jaadugar following which Mithun opted out of the film and was replaced by Aditya Panscholi.

Vivek who had convinced Amitabh to do the film was very keen to have Mithun too. Our source said, “Many filmmakers in the past have tried to bring the two actors together but were unsuccessful. Vivek met Mithun at his Madh Island residence on Tuesday, and convinced him to do the role. The duo will be seen in lead roles in Buddham Sharanam Ghachammi. The film is said to be an intense emotional drama.”

Vivek will not only direct but will also produce the film under his banner, Film Zone. It will go on floors after the release of his film Kal Kissne Dekha. Confirming this Vivek said, “When I narrated the script to Mithunda he was so involved and remembered every word. He understood his character well and gave amazing creative suggestions for the film as well. I guess that’s why he is such a big star who has managed to sustain his stardom over the years.”

Vivek further added, “He was creatively open and convinced with his character. He was so excited that he also performed certain scenes. I am so glad that both Mr. Bachchan and Mithunda have agreed to be a part of my film. I am also in the process of getting more people onboard.

Meanwhile Mithun Chakraborthy commented, “It is too early to say anything about the film. I will talk about it at the right time.”