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Bharati Dubey | TNN (THE TIMES OF INDIA; January 3, 2010)

Mumbai: The 3 Idiots drama off screen is becoming as engrossing as the film’s on-screen performances with the issue of opening and closing credits hogging the limelight.

On Wednesday, writer Chetan Bhagat blogged claiming that 70% of the film had been inspired by his book Five Point Someone (FPS). He also complained the script was not shown to him before release and that he was hurt because the producers did not acknowledge his contribution to the film in the opening credits.

On Saturday, director Raju Hirani refuted all charges levelled by the writer. He showed documentary evidence of the contracts signed by him with the production house. He also showed a non-disclosure agreement signed by Bhagat and categorically denied the charge that he was not shown the final script of the film.

“Pre-release, the makers of the film made statements that it was only loosely inspired by the book. After release, those who have read the book and seen the movie find the film to be an adaptation of FPS,’’ Bhagat blogged.

He also stated that his family was upset after they didn’t spot his name in the opening credits of the film and also the story credit was not given to him. But Hirani clarified that the rights of the novel, with complete authority to alter the text to suit the screen, was purchased by them. He said the contract clearly stated that Bhagat’s name would be in the end-rolling credits and the agreement was signed in September 2005.

On Bhagat’s statement that most of the narrative of the film was copied from his text, Hirani said, “This is irrelevant because we hold the rights to the novel. Using the book as a take-off point, the writers brought about massive changes both on the macro and micro level of the story.’’

Asked about Bhagat not being shown the film before release, Hirani said Bhagat “said he would watch it at the premiere, which he did with his family”. But when told that ‘Bhagat-3 Idiots’ drama is also being looked at as a publicity stunt, Hirani said, “It would be below our dignity to do something like this.’’

Producer says sorry
Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra apologised to the media for his rude behaviour. “I really think it was silly. I was provoked as you guys know but I should not have done that. It does not befit me. What I did was silly and am really sorry,’’ Chopra said on Saturday morning. TNN

Ranbir Kapoor surprised composers Vishal Shekhar with his effortless singing for Anjaana Anjaani

By Vickey Lalwani (MUMBAI MIRROR; December 24, 2009)

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala, director Siddharth Anand and music composers Vishal Shekhar asked Ranbir Kapoor to lend his voice for a song in Anjaana Anjaani. Not only did Ranbir sing, but he also finished recording it in 45 minutes.

The recording took place at Vishal Shekhar’s studio in Bandra at 1am on Wednesday. Ranbir was on his way home before 2am. “He shocked both, Vishal and Shekhar. His singing was so smooth and comfortable. This facet of Ranbir was completely unknown and untapped,” says an industry source.

The scene which required Ranbir to sing isn’t a random input. Ranbir breaks into the song with a band playing behind him. The song is shown for a little over one-and-half minute.

Ranbir’s leading lady, Priyanka Chopra, was also present in the studio at around 10pm. Priyanka will also sing a solo for the same film, if everything goes well.” She heard the tune last night and brainstormed with Siddharth and Vishal Shekhar about her comfort level with the pitch of the song. She is yet to muster up the courage to sing. As things stand today, she should be singing the song in the next couple of days,” added the source.

It was the director of the film who wanted Ranbir to sing that particular song. Siddharth said, “Ranbir improvised a lot and did a brilliant job. It was my idea to make him sing. He knew about it from the time he read the script. But the scene where he sings remains to be shot. It will be canned in the next schedule in the US.”

Vishal thinks that Ranbir’s voice was necessary for credibility. He said, “Though it’s a song, it’s also a scene. We had to get Ranbir to do it for authenticity and he totally rocked!”

Shekhar and Vishal
(Pic: Raju Shinde)
Ranbir Kapoor Priyanka Chopra
Abrar Alvi, writer of classics Pyaasa and Kaagaz Ke Phool, passed away on Wednesday

By Subhash K Jha (MUMBAI MIRROR; November 20, 2009)


Abrar Alvi with his niece Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam

Abrar Alvi, who passed away on Wednesday due to a stomach complication, lived most of his life as Guru Dutt’s resident writer. He was 82 years old. His health gradually deteriorated after he suffered a paralytic attack four years ago.

Though he wrote some films outside Guru Dutt’s banner including four back-to-back Vyjanthimala starrers Suraj, Chotisi Mulaqat, Sungharsh and Saathi between 1966-68, his name remained associated with Guru Dutt for whom he  directed the classic Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam and wrote the dialogue and/or screenplay for Aar Paar, Mr & Mrs 55, Pyaasa, Kaagaz Ke Phool and Chaudvin Ka Chand.

Gulzar saab had a very interesting encounter with Abrar Alvi in 1968 .”Abrar Alvi saab was the uncle of one my favourite protégés Salim Arif. I was asked to write from scratch a screenplay earlier written by Abrar Ali Saab for HS Rawaail’s Sungharsh. The screenplay and dialogue had to be re-written from scratch by me, on the behest of the film’s leading man Dilip Kumar as they just couldn’t see eye-to-eye. It was one of my first  writing assignments in films. We spent a lot of time together during those days. He was a very warm, humane and cultured man. He remained associated with Guru Dutt’s cinema. He hardly wrote for anybody except for Guru Dutt and his brother Atma Ram. I’d never pass by his home in Janki Kutir without stopping by to pay my respects. Another pillar has fallen,” says Gulzar.

Asha Parekh got to know Abrar Alvi during the making of Shikar in 1968. “Shikar was directed by Guru Dutt’s brother Atma Ram. Abrar Alvi wrote that film. I’d sit and chat with Abrar saab. He knew so much about many things besides cinema. He was a very sensible, refined , cultured and educated man.  One by one all the stalwarts are going away,” says Asha.

Abrar Alvi is survived by his wife, two daughters and three sons.

SUBHASH K JHA (Mid-Day; November 6, 2009)

Prakash Jha has finally relented to Nana Patekar’s pleas begging forgiveness and has decided to forgive, if not forget Nana’s behaviour.

“It’s impossible to forget what he did. But Nana has been constantly trying to reach out since the ugly incident.
I’ve told him I’ll have a cup of tea with him when I return to Mumbai tomorrow. Today is my last day of Rajneeti.” Prakash said from Bhopal on Wednesday afternoon.

Will dub, won’t shoot

In fact, Prakash had decided to not allow Nana to dub his lines. “Now I’ll let him dub. But there’s no question of shooting the scenes that he lost out on.”

Earlier Prakash was unrelenting. “I know I said there was no question of a rapprochement. Nana Patekar was a closed chapter for me. My entire crew tolerated him because of me. But he’s lonely and he accepts his mistake.
I can’t sit in judgment on him.”

The director has already changed the script to make do without Nana and has added a voiceover, ” I had to shoot six to seven scenes of Nana as a young man. I changed the scene and shot it without him. When I had worked with Nana in Apaharan, I hadn’t seen this tantrum-throwing side of him on the sets.”

Had no choice

After his initial outburst, Nana tried to make amends. Recalls Prakash, “Later that day, he calmed down and tried to return to the sets. I told him he wasn’t welcome ever on my sets. As far as shooting goes, we had to compromise. We had to complete all his scenes without him. We introduced a voiceover to explain his absence.

Jha concludes, “I had no choice but to forgive him. You don’t know how much I’ve looked after him. I’ve stood by him through all his temper tantrums and bad moods. But I can’t allow him to walk all over me. He needs to do something about his temper. ”

Lekin, hua kya tha?
On October 27, during the shooting of Rajneeti, Prakash and Nana had a huge showdown in Bhopal over the way the actor was supposed to do a scene. The actor left in a huff after showering abuses on Prakash. Though used to Nana’s abusive ways, Prakash wasn’t willing to take the barrage of insults lying down. He took up Nana’s offer of letting the actor go and also vowed never to be friends with Nana again. But the actor kept pleading.

Close friends Nana Patekar and Prakash Jha had a heated argument on the sets of Rajneeti; Nana stormed out of the sets and refuses to be placated despite repeated attempts by Jha

By Mumbai Mirror Bureau (October 30, 2009)


Prakash Jha Nana Patekar

The hotheaded Nana Patekar fought with his closest friend, director Prakash Jha, while they were shooting together in Bhopal for Rajneeti. On Wednesday afternoon, the two had a serious fight on the sets following which Nana walked out of the sets. Since then, all attempts by Jha to convince Nana and cool him down have been in vain.

A source from the sets said, “No one knows what exactly happened because of which Nana completely lost his cool. The two were discussing some scenes when an argument ensued as Nana had a different take on the scenes while Prakash Jha had another opinion on how to shoot them. The discussion soon turned into a long and heated argument and eventually led to a big fight.”

According to the source, the fight turned ugly and abusive in front of the entire unit and it reached a stage where Nana grabbed Prakash Jha’s collar. However, better sense prevailed and Nana stormed off the sets and reached his hotel room from where he booked his tickets to Mumbai. In the evening, Prakash Jha called up Nana to placate him but he refused to budge. All attempts by unit members to convince Nana not to go to Mumbai failed and Nana is in no mood to shoot for the film.

Commenting on Nana’s remaining portions in Rajneeti, another source said, “Many vital scenes with Nana still have to be shot and Prakash Jha is worried about what will happen next. Whatever happens, Nana has sworn that he won’t work with Jha again.”

Jha confirmed the news that he and Nana had a serious quarrel on Wednesday after which Nana stormed out of the sets. “But this is not the first time that Nana has done this, or is it? Difference of opinions toh hote hi rehte hain. He still has to shoot for the film. I don’t know if he doesn’t want to work with me anymore. You’ll have to ask him because he hasn’t said so to me.”

Nana Patekar remained unavailable for comment.

PLEASE VOTE IN THE BOLLYWOOD HALF-YEARLY AWARDS HERE, IN CASE YOU HAVENT: https://fenilandbollywood.wordpress.com/2009/08/11/fenils-half-yearly-awards-2009/

Aha! This weekend would be fantastic! 2 biggies are all set to compete with each other! Some of the big names of the industry are associated with these 2 films. While Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminey is produced by the highly respected Ronnie Screwvala of UTV Motion Pictures and stars Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, Life Partner is important as its Abbas-Mustan’s first produced film.

Talking about Kaminey, the film has created utmost curiosity since the time its promo was unveiled in Feb-end during Delhi-6. The teaser was novel and it really made moviegoers wait for the film. Not to forget, the director of the, Vishal Bharadwaj, is counted as one of the finest directors of Bollywood today. Shahid’s double role has impressed everyone and his pairing with Priyanka Chopra gave a new story to tabloids that they both are seeing each other. Then Mumbai Mirror newspaper stated as to how they broke up and that they are coming up with strange ideas so as to avoid bumping into each other while promoting Kaminey. But last week, they both came together at an event for promotion! Wonder what Mumbai Mirror has to say about this!


The Dhan Te Nan song has further increased the hype for the film. So almost every moviegoer feel the film is going to rock. Thus, the film will surely take a great opening. Moreover, Friday 14th is a holiday (Gokulashtmi) and Independence Day is on Saturday. Also, Parsi New Year falls on Wednesday 19th. Moviegoers will definitely go for Kaminey in huge numbers during these holidays. Kaminey is such a lucky product, indeed!

However, Kaminey should turn out to be a good product, only then it’ll sustain in theatres for a long time and make a huge profit. Or else, it may fizzle out after a huge opening. Also, the film has been unfortunately awarded an ‘A’ certificate by the Censor Board. The film doesn’t have explicit violence or abusive words and Vishal tried to explain this but unfortunately, his plea fell on deaf ears. And due to this, the film may fail to attract the under-18 crowd.


On the other hand, Life Partner is complete opposite of Kaminey! It looks like a light cute and funny film. The interesting part of it is that it’s the film of Abbas-Mustan as a producer. The director duo has provided finest films to the viewers since more than a decade. I always used to feel as to why they don’t turn into producers since they already are in the industry since a long time. Finally, they got into production and launched their production house, Burmawala Bros, with Life Partner as their first film. But they’ll be investing on film of every genre.

What interests you in the promos of Life Partner is the Fardeen-Genelia pairing-they look wonderful together! The film may turn out to be damn entertaining. However, it has a huge competition in the form of Kaminey and it may hugely affect Life Partner’s collections. Let’s hope both films turn out to be good and that both films are able to do a good job at the BO!

People staying in Mumbai, Thane and Pune won’t be able to catch both the films till Saturday as all theatres and multiplexes are closed down, thanks to swine flu scare. Cineplexes should start from Sunday onwards. Let’s hope it does!

The makers of Kisaan (*ing Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Jackie Shroff, Dia Mirza, Nauheed Cyrusi, Rahul Dev) have come up with a novel way of promoting their film. They have developed a remix of Upkaar’s famous song, Mere Desh Ki Dharti, and have incorporated in the film. The song has already started being aired on TV. The first thing that comes in my mind is that how the makers got the rights of the song. That’s all thanks to Salim Khan (father of Sohail and Arbaaz) who persuaded close friend Manoj Kumar to let them use the song.

I happen to see the song two days back and I was disappointed hugely. They have completely tampered with the song and the video doesn’t impress at all. That’s what I felt. I’ve uploaded the song below-please do watch and let me know your view on it!

18 Jun 2009, 0514 hrs IST, Bharati Dubey, TNN

UNITED WE STAND: Shiney Ahuja’s wife Anupam (R) with some of her neighbours who had come to express support at the press conference on Wednesday

UNITED WE STAND: Shiney Ahuja’s wife Anupam (R) with some of her neighbours who had come to express support at the press conference on Wednesday

The media is after her husband’s life. And rape, after all can be committed by a woman too (remember Disclosure’s Demi Moore or closer home,

Aitraaz’s Priyanka Chopra?) That was what Anupam Ahuja had to tell the world on Wednesday. At a press conference in Juhu to defend her `soulmate’ and the doting father to their daughter, the wounded wife reiterated what she had been saying from day one-that Shiney was innocent and was being framed. “Rape is a very heinous crime and in today’s time it can be committed not just by a man. Even a woman can do it and we all know,” an aggressive Anupam stated, adding, “I know there will soon be a law that will be formed to protect both the genders in rape cases. I really don’t know why he is being framed. It is also possible since he is a celebrity and all celebrities are soft targets.”

Reminded that the medical reports indicate injury marks on the victim, Anupam turned her ire towards the media: “Who has seen the medical report and where is that medical report? Have you seen it? There are contradictory reports in the media. The case has to be fought in court and not the media.”

Asked who could possibly want to frame her husband and why, she retorted, “Why does a robber rob a bank? I can speak for my man and I am not a girl madly in love with her man, but we have been together for 15 years. There were reports that Shiney and I am divorcing, but here I am in defence of my husband. He is my soulmate and I know he is not capable of doing it.” Quizzed further on what could be the maid’s motive in trying to frame Shiney and if money could be one of the reasons, she added: “It could be anything but I don’t want to speculate at this point.”

Did Anupam think that those trying to frame Shiney would try to influence the medical report and does she want the tests to be conducted in some laboratory outside Mumbai? “I cannot say anything other than the medical reports and examination will be conducted in a lab where it has to be done. Besides, my lawyer will take decisions regarding the case. All I can say is I have complete faith in the judiciary,” Anupam said.

Probed on what she thought about the role of the police, she was calm: “Someone went to the cops and complained and they are only doing what they have to do.” But told that Shiney has made a confession, Anupam shot back, “It is all rubbish. I repeat, Shiney is innocent and not capable of this.”

Anupam, who last met her husband on Monday in court, refused to divulge any information about where she was on the day of the incident. “I cannot reveal anything as I don’t want to influence the case in any way. I respect the law of the land,” she reiterated.

Supporting the `wife on the warpath’ were at least 20 neighbours, who vouched for Shiney’s good character. There were reports that the Ahujas’ next-door neighbour had heard some screams from the actor’s house on Sunday afternoon, but Ruchika Marwah, the actor’s neighbour who was present at the conference said, “I have not given any such statement to anyone in the media.” Asked if she knew the maid in question and if her maid and Ahuja’s maid were known to each other, she simply looked at Anupam and said, “I will not say anything, adding, “The incident came as a shock.” She parroted what Anupam had to say about Shiney: “I know Shiney as a loving father and loving husband, those are the roles I have seen him in.”

Satish Kapoor, treasurer of the society said, “I have been hearing and reading reports about Shiney’s character. But all I have to say is that he is a gentleman and was often seen in the compound taking his daughter around in a pram.”

But there was no visible support from the film industry

. Anupam brushed that aside saying, “The film industry is on our side. I have proof in the form of SMSes from people like Sudhir Mishra and Anurag Basu saying that they are with us.”