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Saif Ali Khan’s producer partner Dinesh Vijan explains the presence of lion in their company Illuminati Films’ logo apart from talking about `Love Aaj Kal’ and their next couple of projects

EVERYBODY is talking only about the trio Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and director Imtiaz Ali whenever there’s a mention of Imtiaz Ali whenever there’s a mention of their upcoming flick `Love Aaj Kal’. Hence we caught up with Dinesh Vijan, the producer of the film, for something different. Excerpts from an interview with the partner of Illuminati Films Pvt Ltd, Saif Ali Khan’s production house…

You are associated with Saif since `Being Cyrus’ days…

Yes, we had worked together on that film as I was the producer. Back then as we chatted on the sets and otherwise, we realised we wanted to make similar kind of films. I think he likes the way I run the film. We scheduled it for 30 days, worked on daily routines and finished before time. We kept in touch even after the film and finally we sat up Illuminati Films. We decided to develop some content and see where it would go. First we came along Imtiaz Ali and then Sriram Raghavan who narrated stories that connected to both of us.

What kind of similar ideas are you looking at?

If you look at `Being Cyrus’, it was a different film. We don’t want the philosophy where we decide how much actors are going to charge and how much production is going to cost and then proceed with things. We want it to take it ahead from the script and what its appeal is. In `Love Aaj Kal’, it tells a story of two generations. Hence it will appeal to both the generations. `Love Aaj Kal’ deals with issues we have not dealt with as yet. As producers the most important thing is to decide which story to take.

Don’t you think the audience would end up comparing `Jab We Met’ and `Love Aaj Kal’ and that would hamper the business?

There will be comparisons but we can’t help it.
The two are very different films and the audience will realise when they watch `LAK’. So there won’t be any point comparing.

The next film is `Agent Vinod’…

Yeah, it is. It sounds almost comedy but it is not.
It is a straight fast paced thriller. It will have an appeal. Saif will play a RAW agent. It will be larger than life and yet real. If you have to compare, then you have to compare it to films like `Casino Royale’ and `Bourne Ultimatum’. After that we are making an English film next year with him Homi Adajania who made `Being Cyrus’.

Sriram’s `Johnny Gaddaar’ didn’t do as well as it should have been.

Marketing comes into play here. It is the tool which helps you bring your product into the market. It is as important as the film. Of course if the product is not good then marketing does not help.But to do justice to a good film it needs to be promoted well too.

Talking about marketing and promotions, why has the other girl in `Love Aaj Kal’ been kept out of public eye for so long?

There has to be something post release! We have enough cards to open pre-release. So we keep that for a later time.

What’s her name?

Her screen name is Harleen. And the rest we shall disclose only after the film.
While on to names, why is your firm named Illuminati Films?

We are taking the thought ahead with which Illuminati was set up. That is to believe in something which no one else was willing to do. Plus we are both Leos and hence the logo has a lion in it.

So how many prints is `Love Aaj Kal’ releasing with?

It will be a worldwide release. Physical prints would be around 700 — 400 would be oversees. Plus there is digital media which would be in around 500-600 screens. So we should open with around 1500 screens.